Güvenir Eye Hospital

Güvenir Eye Hospital

Welcome to Guvenir Eye Hospital.

We have been at your service in our private clinic for sixteen years. During this period, we have been the first clinic to perform many new ophthalmic treatments in North Cyprus. We have been the first clinic to perform phaco operation (cataract removal without stitches) in private sector . Also , we were the first to make detailed corneal analysis(orbscan device) , excimer laser treatment(getting rid of glasses with laser) , OCT scan (eye tomography) , YAG laser treatment and corneal cross linking treatment.

Now , we are proud to open the first eye hospital in North Cyprus. Our goal is to give best quality ophthalmic service with our experienced team ,using the latest technology .

Guvenir Eye Hospital
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Why Guvenir Eye Hospital?

Top Quality Service

Our goal is to deliever world class quality eye care service in our functional and comfortable new building. We achieve this , with our experienced team and with the latest state-of art technology. With our experienced doctors  and more than twenty years of experience in ophthalmology , we are at your service. 

Most Advanced Equipment

Our hospital is the only center in North Cyprus where ilasik(femtosecond intralase lasik) surgery and surgery for keratoconus is performed. We also perform premium intraocular lens implantation surgery for presbiopia with the most developed phaco system (Alcon Centurion). In this way, suitable patients can get rid of glasses and can achieve clear vision at all distances.

Expert Team

Patient satisfaction and investment to the latest technology are our main missions. Please visit us and see the difference. ‘Seeing is believing’.

Our Medical Units

Pediatric Eye Diseases

Early diagnosis is very important in maintaining healthy eyes for your child. For this reason we recommend...

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Excimer laser

It is posssible to correct nearsightness(myopia) , farsightness(hyperopia) and astigmatism with excimer laser...

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Retina is the innermost thin layer insite the eyeball. It is composed of nerve tissue and light sensitive cell...

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Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in the world. In most patients it doesn’t give any symptoms...

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Cataract is the opasification of the natural lens which focuses the light to the retina. When cataract develop...

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General eye examination

in general eye exam, we check eyelids, cornea, lens, eye muscles ,retina and optic nerves. We also check intra...

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